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The Backpack Run is a fun and CHALLENGING course!



The two fastest times on each course are listed on the Wall of Fame.... these are the times to beat next year!!



Congratulations to all walkers and runners for taking on those hills for a great cause!



Timing by Albany Running Exchange


Wall of Fame 




  5k course- Women

  1st-  Sarah Rose                               25:38


  2nd- Danni Grimsey                        26:32



  5k course- Men

  1st- Ethan Bonk                                19:44

    **4th time on Wall of Fame

  2nd-Luke Riddoch                            20:33




  10k course- Women

1st-  Monica Piro-Duffin                48:02

**3rd time on Wall of Fame

2nd-  Ashley Tara                             50:28


    10k course- Men

  1st-  Colin Wilkinson                   39:19

    **4th time on Wall of Fame

  2nd- Indigo Pfeffer                       43:15

   **2nd time on Wall of Fame


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